Windows [iofogctl] -> deploy Agent on Raspberry PI


(Sebs Sa) #1

Hi folks, it’s me again :zipper_mouth_face:

I am trying to set up an agent on a Raspberry Pi via Windows (iofogctl) through a Linux laptop (Controller).

My knight-1.yaml :
kind: Agent
  name: knight-1
  namespace: default
  host: 192....ip.Raspberry
    user: agentpi
    keyFile: ~\.ssh\private_key

Running in windows cmd : “iofogctl deploy -f knight-1.yaml”

! Error from knight-1: open C:\Users\XXX\.ssh\private_key: The system cannot find the file specified.

So i changed it :


Output : -> ! Error from knight-1: ssh: no key found


  • The keys were created with Puttygen
  • Moved [Windows] : …/User/.ssh
  • Copied the public-key “text” from PuttyGen
  • Added this to .ssh/authorized_keys on the Raspberry
  • (now file contains 2 keys first: ubuntu and second: windows)

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can move forward here?
Do i need to use the Legacy Commands ?


(Sebs Sa) #2

Found my mistake …

If you do it this way you also have to format the generated key to an Openssh format via puttyGen - Conversion!


Great! That’s a good find on Windows