What is the minuimum hardware requirement for running controller

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I have one query regrading ioFog-Controller. What is the minimum hardware requirements and what are the supported platforms for running the controller…

I could not find any information on github:

Hi, Jay.

Controller is a Node.js application that you can run as a container on any host or it is suitable to run on major Linux distros such as Debian, Ubuntu, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux. You can also run it on Windows or Mac OS X if you’d like as long as you have Node.js.

It doesn’t require very much in the way of resources. If you have 2GB of RAM and at least a dual-core modern x86 CPU that should be OK. Mostly Controller is focused on handling REST API calls so the network I/O is going to be very important. Make sure it has a good amount of bandwidth in and out, but otherwise you should be able to run it on your average cloud server VM instance on any cloud platform. If you want to run it on your own bare metal hardware, you can make it work on something as small as a Raspberry Pi 3 or 4 but you may suffer some performance issues if you give Controller a lot of traffic. Any fairly modern laptop or desktop computer will be able to handle running Controller nicely if you are using that type of hardware.

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@kilton Thank you very much for your reply…
I will be exploring more about ioFog…