Unable to use iofogctl commands - connection refused

(Jingyang Chen) #1

Hope everything goes well!
I have an issue now that shows at the following image, I could not use any commands. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this issue? And is there anyway to complete uninstall iofogctl? I would like to reinstall iofogctl.

Thank you in advance!

(Serge Radinovich) #2

The issue seems to be a broken deployment of ioFog platform under the default namespace. If you try a command like iofogctl create namespace abrakadabra, that should work. This should prove to you that your installation of iofogctl is fine.

Could you please try to run iofogctl disconnect. This will clear all local data of your failed deployment. And then try to perform whatever deployment steps you did before. But try to use iofogctl without sudo. You should never need to do use sudo with iofogctl under normal circumstances.

I would also recommend deleting any dangling containers that have the prefix iofog in the name. If you just want to delete all running containers on your machine, run docker rm -f $(docker ps -aq).

If you would like to uninstall iofogctl, try sudo apt remove --purge iofogctl.

(Jingyang Chen) #3

Thank you for the detailed answer! As you assumed, the installation of iofogctl was fine, after running iofogctl disconnect command, the deployment works fine now. Really appreciated!