Npm install iofogcontroller failed

(Chin-Fah, HEOH) #1

Hi there

After installing nodejs, the ‘npm install -g iofogcontroller’ failed. Could not proceed and need some pointers.

Here’s the link to the npm log file

Hope to get your help. Thank you



We are using SQLite DB and build failed on sqlite3 dependency, exactly on its subdependency node-pre-gyp. Try to build this one manually ‘npm install node-pre-gyp -g’ in order to get more details, probably some C library is missing.
Also try to install these system libraries manually using apt-get or your usual package command & try npm install -g iofogcontroller again:
binutils-gold g++ gcc libgcc python

(Chin-Fah, HEOH) #3

I ended up using ‘sudo npm install -g iofogcontroller --unsafe-perm’ to get iofog-controller installed.
Why I have to use “–unsafe-perm” is something I have research later.

Thanks for your pointer, Sergey. You are most helpful