LocalControlPlane - Missing Addr and Name

Hi, folks,

during the update to the "2.0.0-beta3 " version I noticed it again.

If you set up a LocalControlPlane the “Addr” and the “Name” is missing:

to solve the problem there is this workaround:

that’s what it looks like:

I just wanted to point this out and ask if there will be a fix for this?

Ps: For all those who like it a bit automatic - bash script:


ip=$(ip route get | sed -n ‘/src/{s/.src ([^ ])./\1/p;q}’)
iofogctl disconnect
iofogctl connect --name king–ecn-addr $ip --email xx@email --pass xxx

Hi @SebsSa,

Thank you very much for reporting this, and providing a work around.
We will discuss this internally and decide if we want to automate this behavior.

However, the LocalControlPlane is originally designed for local development/deployment and testing. It should not be used in production. So most of our LocalControlPlane do not run on a computer with a public IP, and therefore can only be used alongside a LocalAgent, which will use the local docker container IPs to communicate with each others.

Please let us know if you have any remark/comments about this.

When I think about it, your approach makes more sense!
I can’t think of any scenario where you really need/should use the public IP address.

Sorry, that was my sense of “completion”.
I got a little… carried away.