Issure for deploy the agent to a Jetson nano

(ZHOU) #1

Hi guys,
I’m tring to deploy the agent to a remote Jetson nano node:

> iofogctl deploy -f agent.yaml
but failed with the follwong output:

Hope someone could help me, Thanks!

(Serge Radinovich) #2

Could you let me know iofogctl version?

The script to install Java 8 is failing on the Nano. You can find that script at /tmp/

You will have to see exactly what part of the do_install_java() function at line 5 of that script is failing.

If you can manually install Java 8 on the Nano, that is also a solution. If you are on our Slack channel please message me directly or in one of the channels and we can debug it together on your Nano.

(ZHOU) #3

the iofogctl for my controller machine is the latest version 1.3.2
I have manually installed the Java 11 (cant find java 8) on the Jetson nano node, and try to deploy the agent to it again:

(ZHOU) #4

PS. I have open my issue on Slack (support channel) too


Hi - thanks for the post. I responded to you on Slack. We can track it there.