Issue with ioFog documentation on

(Jay Sharma) #1

Hello All,
I was going through the quick start guide for ECN setup on one host (linux):

I installed the iofogctl using:

curl | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install iofogctl

This command installed iofogctl 2.0.0-beta4 and given documentation is for 1.3.0 which is not compatible with 2.0.0

When I am trying to deploy using yaml file as per the given guide it is giving error in parsing api version etc.
I tried to change api version to v2 but it is giving some other issues. Seems there are many changes in 2.0.0 as compared to 1.3.0

Any inputs on this.

(Pixcell) #2

Hi @jay11ca39,

Sorry for the confusion!

We are in the process of releasing 2.0, you can find the updated documentation here:

Or, you can download the 1.3 iofogctl using:

sudo apt-get install iofogctl=1.3.2

(Jay Sharma) #3

Hello @Pixcell
Thank you for your quick response… I will try with your suggestion.