Install controller locally on Edge device

(Gowthamreddyvintha) #1

How to deploy ECN locally on edge device? Where can I get the deployment instructions?

(Ian Martin) #2

You can find deployment instructions at for deploying quickly to a local device and connecting up an ECN. Are you having issues with specific hardware or OS configurations?

(Gowthamreddyvintha) #3

Hi Ian,

I am trying to deploy iofog locally, and getting below error
Environment: Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

iofogctl deploy -f /tmp/quick-start.yaml
✘ Unexpected internal behaviour
Could not find newly pulled image: iofog/controller

(Pixcell) #4

Hi Gowthamreddyvintham,

This is a mistake on our side, it will be fixed in a hotfix of iofogctl due today or tomorrow (Cf:

At the moment, the quick-start.yaml file does not specify which docker images to use, therefore iofogctl revert to its default ones. However, the defaults ones do not have a tag at the moment, which triggers this error.

You can either wait for the release of the hotfix, or use this yaml file instead:

  - name: LocalController
    host: localhost
      name: Quick
      surname: Start
      password: q1u45ic9kst563art
 - name: LocalAgent
   host: localhost

Let us know how this goes.
Best regards,

(Gowthamreddyvintha) #5

Hi Pixcell,

Thanks for the fix, yaml deployed iofog as expected.