Gateway for microservices in iofog


(Josemaria Thomas) #1

We have a number of microservices running in the ioFog environment, mapped to different ports. We need to access these microservices from a web app. Is there any API gateway service that ioFog provides or do we need to handle it ourselves?

(Kilton Hopkins) #2

ioFog does not provide an API gateway service at this time and you will need to handle the different port numbers when accessing the APIs from a web app, but we are considering the value that this may bring to users. Would you mind answering some questions that will help us consider this feature?

1 - Is it important for you to have a single IP address and port for accessing all of the APIs across all of the different microservices? If so, can you tell me anything about why it is important?

2 - Would you need the ability to dynamically add and remove microservice APIs from the main gateway API if that feature existed?

Thank you very much for your input!

(Josemaria Thomas) #3

Having a single IP address and port for accessing all the APIs prevents exposing all of the APIs to the outside world. The client just communicates with the API gateway and need not be aware of where the service resides.
Common concerns such as authorization using API tokens also can be part of the API gateway, instead of implementing them in each of the microservices.
By dynamically registering the micro services do you mean that routes would be auto created with the service IDs?

(Kilton Hopkins) #4

Great - thank you for the additional information.

Yes - registering the microservices APIs would mean having the central API gateway handle routing, authentication, and other features that can be centralized. Would that be valuable for you to build better solutions?