"FlowService.getFlow is not a function" - Error while adding a microservice in Controller

Downloaded an ioFog setup in Ubuntu 18.04.1 following the QuickStart guide
Downloaded the ioFog Quick Start project using the below curl command

curl -L -o quick-start.tar.gz https://github.com/ioFog/demo/archive/blank-environment.tar.gz

After running docker-compose up --detach I could see three containers running namely iofog-agent, iofog-controller and iofog-connector.

executing iofog-agent status command in the agent container gives the below output

ioFog daemon : RUNNING
Memory Usage : about 142.16 MiB
Disk Usage : about 0.00 MiB
CPU Usage : about 0.00%
Running Microservices : 0
Connection to Controller : ok
Messages Processed : about 0
System Time : 16/11/2018 05:39 PM

I pushed a sample microservice docker image to the local docker registry and tried adding the same to iofog-controller registry (registry-id = 2) using iofog-controller catalog add. It returned a catalog ID.
Since the iofog enviroment didn’t have a default flow setup, I created one using iofog-controller flow add -n “flow_1” -d “flow_iofog” -a -u 1.
And then tried adding the microservice to the iofog-controller using iofog-controller microservice add
This returned me FlowService.getFlow is not a function error. Kindly help me resolve this.

We will have a look and post a response here shortly. Thanks for your patience!

We fixed this issue here https://github.com/ioFog/Controller/pull/294 and we’ll be releasing a patch within a few days.

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When exactly we can expect the release?

Tried setting up the fixed version iofogcontroller@1.0.15 but getting SQLITE_ERROR: no such table: for all the CLI commands

It was some intermediate version, we’ve just released a new one (1.0.19) with this fix, try it out.

Couldn’t find 1.0.19. Installed 1.0.18 but got the same error SQLITE_ERROR: no such table

Release version says v1.0.19 (11/21/2018) but package.json has version 1.0.18

Are you still trying to install quickstart script or just controller from npm package?
This error appears when controller wasn’t started yet and database isn’t created.

For quick start script - controller is started automatically.
For package install - you need to manually start controller using ‘iofog-controller start’ command and then all CLI commands will work.

Quickstart script gave an older version of iofogcontroller v1.0.14. And got a different error.

throw err;

Error: Cannot find module '../config'

So tried installing the latest controller from npm package. But didn’t start the controller manually.
iofog-controller controller status resulted in

  "status": "ok",
  "timestamp": 1542906880172

So assumed controller is up and running.

Tried iofog-controller start and SQLITE_ERROR: no such table is not seen anymore. Will update the thread with more info soon

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The issue is not seen anymore in v1.0.19

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About quickstart script - there was an issue with previously installed docker images, you can try it once more and it should work.
Or just clean previous images using
docker-compose down --rmi all
and re-run docker-compose up

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Thank you. Its working now. I was able to deploy a sample microservice in the ioFog.