Fixing `error: Failed to parse dockerCfgFile`


(Ian Martin) #1

If you are checking the /var/log/iofog-agent/iofog-agent.0.log for your microservices coming up, images getting added, etc. etc. You may run into an issue where it fails to add a container because of the above error. Something in the format of:

[05/14/2019 06:43:44.274] [WARN] [Process Manager] : ADD unsuccessfully container with name rNmXkqcvT2hXqkqtf7MXxQNyGwmz6H6c , error: Failed to parse dockerCfgFile

To fix this, check your home folder, denoted by ~, and check if there is a generate json file in:

~/.docker/ If there is, please remove it with a simply rm config.json command, however if you don’t see it, also check your root user’s home folder. This can be done with
sudo su Then following the same above steps.

If neither of these have it, please check all other users that have an account on your device, and check if there is a config.json folder under their home folders.

Once you remove this file, iofog-agent should start redeploying services just fine.