Feedback used Iofog for my master thesis

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Hi guys,

i have now worked with ioFog for about 6 months for my master thesis. Now that I’m done with it, I just wanted to give you a quick feedback.

A good documentation and an appealing website were the main reasons for me to use ioFog as a platform. You made it really easy to build a simple application scenario. Keep it up ! :+1:

Also you will get help with any questions you might have, which I think is incredibly important. Slack-Channel and Forum are a good combination.

I am completely satisfied and would always recommend iofog !

I think I have already talked a lot in the forum and also in the Slack Channel I was annoyed from time to time :wink:

While debugging and fixing bugs in my work I noticed a few points that I want to throw in quickly.

  • The name of the controller seems to be absolutely irrelevant for the Connect function or ?
    iofogcl connect --name WhatEverYOuWant .. nevertheless this name must be present.

  • If I develop a service and want to start it but there is no application for it. If the service cannot be
    launched. Maybe a query or even the direct creation of the application would be better.
    I have already mentioned it in the slack channel and maybe it is already under construction

  • An agent can not be deleted if it still has running services. So the services have to be deleted manually, which leads to an enormous effort if you have multiple agents and multiple services.

Thanks a lot I will keep an eye on you !


I’m not sure if I’m allowed to publish my work, I’m still checking that. Then I will create a post for it.

Simply put: My job was to provide ioFog (and some other things) to a new developer.
I wrote a plugin for the development environment IntelliJ IDEA, which allows to execute the basic commands of iofogctl directly via buttons and dialogs.




Glad you had a great experience with ioFog! We’re always happy to get feedback from our user community. Everything you say makes sense, especially about wanting to run a single micro service quickly. That’s definitely on our roadmap, but we will move up based on your feedback.

Love the ij plugin! Let’s hope you can release it, as we would love to feature it on the site.

Hopefully now your masters thesis is done, you’ll still get to use and work on ioFog. If you’d like to get involved in more depth with the project and contribute code, let us know! We always have a ton of stuff needs doing :slightly_smiling_face: