Error Instantiating microservice: Invalid argument 'nodeuuid'


(Karthik Nujella) #1

I am getting below error when I run the “iofog controller microservice add” command, to instantiate a new microservice!

bash-4.4# iofog-controller microservice add \

–name “Moving Average 1”
–catalog-id 105
–config ‘{ “maxWindowSize”: 10 }’
–node-uuid JRvv2rLJ4bDJKkQR6JDY7gjCD83wQfnx
–flow-id 1
[error] Invalid argument ‘nodeuuid’


That’s actually a small error in the documentation. You should use --iofog-uuid instead of --node-uuid.

You can also get a fully updated list of correct params by running iofog-controller microservice add.