Error adding microservice

(Ramachandran) #1

Hi, I have tried to add a microservice and its throwing me an error that says invalid catelog item id. But the thing is I have created a catalog. Its not showing in the catalog list and i am not able to create that catalog again as it says duplicate entry.
Here are the commands that i have used

iofog-controller catalog add --name "helloworld" -x "josemaria02/helloworld" --registry- id 1 -u 1 -a "josemaria02/helloworld"

This command returned

Catalog item has been created successfully.


iofog-controller microservice add --name "helloworld" --catalog- id 13 --iofog- id LcNX4rzvTFmRwvHFPDwpTFcPzKpnBP6H --flow- id 1 -u 1 --ports 5000:5000: false

This returns

Invalid catalog item id 13

Issues with Controller Catalog in Tutorial

There’s a bug with catalog item’s category which will be fixed in the next release.

For now you just need to add some category to your catalog item and it should work.
You can update your existing catalog item using

iofog-controller catalog update -i 13 --category "someCategory" --registry-id 1

and try your ‘microservice add’ command again.

(Ramachandran) #3

Thank you Serjey