Cant connect to remote host contoller


(Zrnapoleon) #1

I tried use the command: iofogctl connect … to conne a remote host controller. but got the following error:
Could anybody help me to solve this issue?


Can you provide the full command line you are using? This error is saying you haven’t passed the right number of options. It should be :

iofogctl connect $NAME —controller $controller_ip —email $iofog_user —pass $iofog_passwd

(Zrnapoleon) #3

Thanks, I find that I just left out a letter for the namesapce…
But I met another issue when I want to deploy a local connector and an agent to this connector:

But my yaml file is not empty at all:

May be you could give me some suggestions for this issue?


Actually… this is a problem with the latest version of iofogctl. If you can please use 1.2.4:

curl -s | sudo bash
sudo apt-get install iofogctl=1.2.4

Then, you can proceed with the example yml files in the documentation.

(Zrnapoleon) #6

Yeah, thanks!