Can the ioFog 2 control plane be run on a Raspberry Pi 4?


I have a Raspberry Pi 4 Kubernetes cluster. I’ve attempted to deploy a control plane to it according to the instructions, but the iofog-operator pod goes into CrashLoopBackOff with the error exec user process caused “exec format error”. I assume this is because the only iofog/iofog-operator images on Docker are for the Amd64 architecture. Can I compile an ARM64 version for myself, or is this set up going to be unsuitable?

(Serge Radinovich) #2

Yes you could manually build the Operator source with GOARCH=amd64 and then create your own Dockerfile based on the one in the Operator source.

However, you will have the same issue with other components of the Control Plane like the Port Manager (and maybe the Controller).

The canonical approach is to deploy the ioFog Control Plane in the cloud, rather than on edge devices like the RPi4s you have. We typically only deploy ioFog Agent stack to edge devices because that is where the workloads are being run.


@SergeRadinovich You are right we generally deploy Agent to Pis at the Edge, but I think @gdw’s idea to deploy the control plane to a Pi k8s cluster is a good one. We don’t really care where k8s is running.

Beyond that, the Agents can be deployed to other Pi’s or Edge nodes and connect back to controller on thr k8s cluster.

(Serge Radinovich) #4

Yes but we don’t provide ARM images for any of the Control Plane components ATM so not a practical approach for now.


Ah well. Thank you.

(I am researching what a good solution for managing fleets of robots on New Zealand farms might be. Having an onsite cloudlet seems the best arrangement, because high speed internet is not yet common in rural areas.)


Hah, really?! Half of the Edgeworx dev team are based in NZ and went to Waikato Uni :wink: Your use case is one we know well, have been doing the same thing with bee hives in NZ. Actually, ioFog is great for this use case, precisely because it’s works really well with cellular back haul and low connectivity environments. This is bread and butter for us/iofog.

Wanna have an offline chat about how ioFog will suit your use case? Come find us on or email me at todd at edgeworx dot io. We can set something up.