Add a catalogitem

(Sebs Sa) #1

Hi, folks,

i am trying to add a micro service to the iofog catalog. The Docker image is publicly available in Dockerhub.
I would like to realize it via “iofogctl”, if I follow the tutorial I unfortunately get this error message:

sebsauer@SebSauerLap:~/iofog$ iofogctl create catalogitem Postgresql --registry remote --x86 postgres:latest --arm postgres:latest --description 'Postgresql database'
✘ unknown flag: --registry

Maybe something has changed due to the v2-update. Unfortunately my research on Github has not given me a new approach.

Greetings Seb

(Saeid) #2

Hi @SebsSa

Creating catalog items using command line is no longer supported in v2.0.0. You can create catalog items using yaml file:

$ echo "---
apiVersion: ''
kind: CatalogItem
  name: 'my-multiplatform-microservice'
  description: 'Alpine Linux'
  x86: 'amd64/alpine:latest'
  arm: 'arm32v6/alpine:latest'
  registry: 'remote'

" > ./my-catalog-item.yaml

$ iofogctl deploy -f ./my-catalog-item.yaml